BGM FASTER FLOW SI carburetor - optimized series carburetors for higher performance engines

Higher-performance engines require a durable and reliable supply of petrol.
The BGM PRO Faster Flow carburettors have been optimised to meet these needs and are based on a brand new SI24/24 E or SI26/26 E Dell'Orto/Spaco carburettor. They are completely disassembled, tested, reworked, cleaned and reassembled with great care at our factory, which means that they meet the high demands of a heavily modified engine.


  • an enlarged connecting bore from float chamber to nozzle block

  • an additional hole in the area of the float needle

  • spring-loaded float needle

These modifications result in a significantly improved fuel supply, which means that there is no shortage of fuel even with very powerful exhaust systems. Especially when using an air funnel, this measure is extremely important to keep the mixture composition stable over the entire speed range. The spring-loaded float needle has a much longer life span and can compensate vibrations very well. The improved fuel supply is of course also an advantage on complete series engines.


  • no more empty-sucked nozzle block when using a strong exhaust
  • still well tunable even with power above 20HP
  • unobtrusive and powerful
  • quiet and suitable for everyday use (separate lubrication!)


  • Ø24mm cross section

  • Ø26mm cross section

  • for mixture lubrication 1:50 (oil is added manually during refuelling)

  • for separate lubrication (vehicles serially equipped with oil pump, from 1984 on)

The carburettor is suitable for all engines with SI20/20D or 24/24E carburettors.
These are all Vespa PX80 (V8X), PX125 (VNX), PX150(VLX) and PX200(VSX) models.
Please check if the car already has an oil pump (all from 1984 onwards, please choose the carburettor with separate lubrication).

They are also suitable for all older engines that have a rotary slide valve control (crankshaft controls the intake).
These are for example Vespa VNB, VBA, VBB, Super (VBC/VNC), GL (VLA/VGL), GT/GTR (VNL), Sprint (VBL), Rally(VSD/VSE).
It can therefore also be used on the models with originally only 80-150ccm which only have a Ø20mm carburettor ex works.

TIP: Carburettors for engines with separate lubrication can also be used on engines without oil pump if the pull rod for the gas slide is replaced.
They only have a hole for the externally supplied oil. On engines without separate lubrication this hole is closed by the carburettor sump.

Older vehicles (e.g. VBB, VNB, VLA/VGL, VLB) still have small air filters, here you should change to the filter of the PX models. The carburettor sump of the models with original Ø20mm carburettor should be adapted to the larger carburettor in the transition area to the engine. Thus the full cross-section of the carburettor is used.


The built-in spraying corresponds to the standard spraying of the PX200 models.

This is already very suitable for many tunings on 177ccm basis, only the main jet should be adjusted.
Engines with 200ccm and more need partly also somewhat larger auxiliary nozzles (e.g. 58/160).
The tuning takes place in principle from too large (too fat) to lean.
The initial nozzle sizes should therefore be selected so that the engine stutters (overgreased). This gives you a safe starting point for tuning.
This is best done with our nozzle sets.


Modified (drilled) air filters or intake funnels always require richer nozzles due to the better working air correction. The intake funnels (also called venturi) may need a smaller main air correction nozzle which is greasing (e.g. 140 instead of 160).
Tips for the operation of the individual carburettor components can be found in the individual parts (side nozzle, air nozzle, slide).
All new SI carburettors are manufactured under licence by the company Spaco in India. These carburettors have been and are used in the series production of Piaggio for a long time. They are of the same quality as the original Dell'Orto carburettors. They also pass the quality assurance at Dell'Orto and are therefore partly packed in Dell'Orto boxes.

Very inconspicuous tuning carburettor which already has all useful modifications on board and also supplies engines with well over 20 hp safely and permanently with petrol!

(US 21820)

BGM PRO Faster Flow Dellorto / SPACO SI26/26E - Vespa PX200 Carb with autolube