bgm PRO intake hose with increased volume in front of the carburettor compared to the original intake hose. The intake hose is available with four different connection sizes at the carburettor: 40 mm (e.g. Dellorto PHBL 25), 42 mm (Dellorto PHBH 28-30), 45 mm (Mikuni TM24 and Jetex SH22) or 50 mm (Keihin PWK 28, Polini 28 - 30). The connection width at the air filter is 42 mm. This allows the hose to be used either with the original air filter box or with a foam air filter.

On the diagram provided under downloads is a direct comparison between the Lambretta dl/GP standard intake hose and the bgm. The comparison was made with Racetour cylinder 225, 58 mm stroke, Keihin 28 PWK, bgm air filter box and the bgm Big Box exhaust.

Another big advantage of the bgm PRO intake hose is the lower outlet. Here the Spitback from the carburetor is not collected in the hose and the idle system can not clog.

BGM Pro Lambretta Air Hose 40mm fits Dellorto PHBL Carbs