bgm PRO RACE 2-stroke fully synthetic is 100 % synthetic produced high performance 2-stroke oil. It is a good choice for all powerful street and race engines.
It fulfills the highest and most rigid Japanese JASO testing standards. It gives a perfect lubrication and protection of all parts on every 2-stroke engine.
The very low burning point gives a perfect lubrication right from the start as well as the full power of the engine and a clean combustion even under partial load only.
The JASO FD gives a residue-free combustion and a clean exhaust port even after thousands of miles. This ensures a long life of exhaust and cylinder.
Special additives give a stable lubrication even under high load. Corrosion inhibitor is a matter of course as the abilty to use it for pre-mix as well as oil pumps.

bgm PRO RACE 2-stroke fully synthetic oil

  • directive: Complies with directive (EC) No. 1272/2008 and its adaptations.
    Hazard warnings - physical danger: EUH208: May produce an allergic reaction., EUH210: Safety data sheet available on request.
    Safety instructions - general: P102: Keep out of reach of children.