New version of the popular BGM ORIGINAL rims
The bgm Original V2.0 rims are precisely manufactured and have an exact concentricity.
High quality stud bolts together with nuts make them the perfect, higher quality alternative to the Piaggio Original rims.
The bgm original rims have a discreet bgm logo as well as an embossed size indication.

The rims with the size 2.10-10 can be used for all vehicles with 3.00-10 and 3.50-10 tires. Usable at the front and rear.

These are for example

  • Vespa Smallframe: V50, 50N, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL, PK XL2, PK Automatic
  • Vespa Largeframe: GT, GTR, TS, GL150, GS150 (VS5T), Sprint, Sprint Veloce, T4, Rally, PX, PE, Lusso, T5, LML Star/ Deluxe

Note: These rims correspond in their dimensions to the original rims, as they are installed ex works. All tyres marked TT (tube type) can be fitted very easily. Tyres with the marking TL (tube less = without tube) for tubeless rims can also be used. In this case, please also fit them with an inner tube. Tyres with the marking TL are manufactured narrower to be more airtight on the rim. TL tyres are therefore much more difficult to mount on split rims. We ask to consider this with the tyre choice.

MOUNTING TIP: Powder the tyre with some talcum before inserting the tube. Then lubricate the inner tyre bead with tyre fitting paste. The talcum powder permanently reduces the friction between tyre and inner tube and thus significantly increases the service life of the inner tube.
The mounting paste ensures a perfect mounting result, the tyre lies smoothly against the rim when inflated and slides into the correct position all by itself. Before screwing the rim halves together, inflate the tube (we recommend the BGM PRO tube BGM8700V) slightly to avoid getting trapped between the rim halves.

BGM Vespa Wheel Rim in Silver / Grey 2.10 x 10