The PHBL carburettors are often used on the  2-stroke automatic scooters, where they are very well suited for fast road engines. On Lambretta engines, carburettors with 24 and 25 mm passage are usually used when the original air filter box is to be retained.
On Vespa, the PHBL carburettor is particularly popular on the small frames, such as the V50, PV125, Et3 and the PK models. Here the PHBL can be used to get really fast engines going.

  • Needle: D22
  • Slide: 40
  • Main nozzle: 102
  • Mixing tube: AQ266
  • Side nozzle: 70
  • Choke nozzle: 60
  • without vacuum connection
  • without oil hose connection

Dellorto 25 PHBL Carb