GOOP is installed into the tyre or tube through the valve BEFORE you have a puncture, and as the wheel rotates GOOP is evenly distributed around the inside of the tyre or tube, ready to seal punctures as they occur. When a puncture does occur, the escaping air pressure forces GOOP into the hole immediately forming a strong, airtight seal, and will seal as many punctures as may occur. GOOP can also seal leaking rims. GOOP will work effectively in BOTH tubed and tubeless tyres, and will last for the lifetime of the tyre or tube, and simply washes away with water & does not leave a sticky residue behind when a new tyre or tube is fitted. (Note: Does NOT contain Latex or Fibres)

A 500ml bottle will supply enough solution for use in two motorcycle or car tyres.
A 250ml bottle will supply enough solution for use in two cycle or scooter tyres

What is GOOP?

GOOP is an Aqueous Glycol solution (Non-toxic) suitable for Tubed or Tubeless tyres, containing finely cut rubber particles (fibre free), preservatives, binders, suspension agents and anti-corrosive inhibitors, all perfectly harmless to tyres or tubes. GOOP will not freeze, and remains stable even at high temperatures.

(Also suitable for use in; Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Plant, Caravans, Camper Vans, Motor Homes, Bicycles, Go Karts, Wheel Chairs, Trailers, Garden Equipment, Wheel Barrows, or any other Pneumatic tyre application)

Each bottle has a dispensing tube to enable application through the valve, and is supplied with a valve core removal tool within the bottle cap. The bottle label is calibrated to enable you to see how much GOOP is being dispensed.

GOOP is TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) Compatible

The black cap is a valve core remover tool. Unscrew this tool from the top of the cap, and use it to remove the valve core from inside the tire valve stem. - Please note Goop is intended to use on Schrader Valves.

Attach the provided filler tube to both the bottle and valve stem. Squeeze in the recommended amount of sealant.

Screw valve core back into tire valve stem.

Inflate tire to recommended air pressure indicated on the outside of your tire. Spin the tire to distribute sealant to the puncture area if being used as a repair.

GUYs with car , vans and trucks its all about PROTECTING you family/car ect its a MUST on a motorcycle as a High Speed Puncture is FATAL nd something every biker fears, its no good saying " I Should Have Put Some Goop In" After when its to late ???


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Goop Puncture Preventative / Proofer / Treatment 250ml Bottle