Revised version of the proven Lambretta bgm PRO train set. The well known features like correct length of the outer and inner sleeves, outer cable with PE sleeve for smooth operation and the detailed plan for laying the cables have of course been kept.

New are the many small improvements in detail, the end sleeves are now double pressed, the inner cables are less susceptible to wear. The clutch cable and the front brake cable now have inner cables with pear nipple adapter. This ensures a much lower load on the cable at the ton in the lever area. This makes torn clutch cables a thing of the past.

The following cables are included in the scope of delivery: Gearshift (2x), clutch, front brake, rear brake, throttle cable, additionally a long internal throttle cable for the use of larger carburettors, choke cable and soldering nipples to adjust the length for non-original carburettors.

Lambretta BGM Control Cable Set in Grey