The bgm PRO intake manifold is specially designed for the bgm PRO Racetour cylinder kit. Of course it can also be used on all other cylinders with direct intake / piston control.

It was developed to be able to position a larger carburettor almost as original. This guarantees the largest possible distance to the side cover, so that the larger carburettor harmonizes perfectly with the bgm airbox (BGM4488). This way the near-series look is maintained in spite of the significantly increased performance.

The CAD designed intake manifold is milled CNC controlled from the solid. The intake manifold is suitable for mounting connecting rubbers with 60mm hole stitch. We use and recommend the rubbers from Mark Broadhurst (MB). These are available in two different diameters, suitable for carburettors with Ø24-25mm and Ø28-30mm cross section.

The inlet cross section of the intake manifold corresponds to that of the bgm Pro RT cylinder kit, therefore no adjustment is necessary.

Perfectly suitable for the following carburettors:

  • Dellorto PHBL
  • Mikuni TM24
  • carburettor with Ø30mm connection width

The kit includes all parts required for installation.

Note: Please use cylinder covers without Air Scoop or remove them from the cover.

Lambretta BGM PRO 195cc - 225cc Racetour Inlet Manifold