• SKF NU2205 ECP Crankshaft Bearing - Flywheel Side 
  • (25x52x18mm)

  • Sits in the maghousing and can also be installed on the Li/SX shaft, if you simply leave out the spacer ring (under the large shaft seal)!
    For installation, it is best to place the cold bearing (overnight in the freezer) in the housing, which has been carefully warmed with a blowtorch. Depending on the fit, first look for a suitable driver that is supported on the outer ring.
    If the bearing is seated, insert the lightly oiled shaft sealing rings.
    The grease packing for the bearing should consist of appropriate high-pressure grease. Pack enough grease in so that the rollers are just visible, but at the same time leave space for the grease to expand.
    Too much or the wrong grease can be pressed out of the shaft seals when the motor is hot.
  •  LI, LIS , SX , TV
  • Quality Item 
  •  Condition is New.

LAMBRETTA SKF NU2205 ECP GP Flywheel Side Bearing 25x52x18