BGM PRO Oversize screw/clamp nipple in an excellent quality, manufactured by a supplier for the Japanese motorcycle industry.

The BGM PRO Oversize types have five special features:

  • Manufacturing to oversize (Ø10.06mm)

  • Offset collar at the upper end

  • With spanner flat for counterholding (SW=9mm)

  • With 3.5mm hexagon socket (like original Innocenti)

  • With internal clamping plate to protect the train

The oversize makes the screw nipples fit perfectly in used gear scales. If necessary, grind out new shifting paddles minimally.

The collar at the upper end prevents the screw nipple from slipping into the gear shift scale. This makes mounting the cables much more convenient. Insert the screw nipple into the rocker switch, so that the cables can be threaded cleanly and easily without a second hand.

Wrench flat
The wrench flat allows the clamping screws to be tightened without the cable having to serve as a counter support for the tightening torque. The screw nipple is fixed with a conventional open-end wrench (wrench size 9). This prevents the pull wire from buckling. The Bowde remains straight.

The clamping screw has a hexagon socket screw with a wrench size of 3.5mm, just like the original. The screws can be tightened with the 3.5mm Allen key with ball head, also available from BGM. The ball head allows a lateral deflection. This means that the coupling cable remains in place when the gear cables are attached.

The screw nipple has an internal plate. The rotation of the screw is not directly transmitted to the cable. This protects the inner cable of the Bowden cable and helps to ensure a long service life and reliability.

Remove the clamping screw of the screw nipple, take out the internal plate. Insert the screw nipple into the gear shifting/clutch arm. Lead the cable through the bore of the screw nipple. Insert clamping plate into the screw nipple. Place open-ended spanner (spanner width 9) on the spanner flat of the screw nipple. Tighten the clamping screw.

Trunnion set of 3 BGM PRO Oversize Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV(series 2-3), DL, GP