Cunning! A cable can handle incredibly heavy loads. Thus the tear limit of the cables we offer is several tons of tractive force. If necessary, you can even tow cars with it. Why a cable still tears is because it is loaded wrong. Cable killer no. 1 is the so-called common cast iron burr. Often the brake-clutch levers are not properly deburred and the cable is chafed by it. Also in the steering head itself, where e.g. the outer cover of the clutch cable is supported, a bad friction point can lurk. Here only careful control helps. All Bowden cables should always be oiled and greased before they are installed. This effectively prevents them from freezing in winter temperatures or water from entering the cable and corroding the cable. Exceptions are the extremely low-friction Teflon complete cables and the original PX-Lusso cables. These may only be oiled with acid-free oil, e.g. Hanseline sewing machine oil.

Universal Throttle Inner Cable 1.2mm x 2500mm Nipple 3mm x 3mm Lambretta /Vespa