Complete cable choke conversion kit for Dellorto PHBL, PHBH, VHSA and VHSB carburettors to use them in Vespa large frame models like PX, T5, Rally, Sprint, GT/GTR, TS, Super, VNB, VBA, VBB models.
Replaces the sometimes quite impractical folding choke with which the carburettors are delivered from the factory.

The kit includes:

  • Cable choke adapter for the carburetor
  • choke cable
  • choke lever

The set uses a new choke lever with a clamping screw for a conventional cable.
The choke cable included in the kit is guided through the hollow drilled lever and fixed laterally with a small hexagon socket screw. Thus, one is no longer dependent on the complex wire solution from Piaggio.
Suitable for:

  • Dell'Orto PHBH, PHBL, VHSA, VHSB

Vespa Largeframe Choke Cable Set for use with Larger Dellorto Carbs