Precisely manufactured shift pins for all large frame transmissions from approx. year of manufacture 1984 - Vespa PX, T5, Cosa, Motovespa TX.

Always used with a flat type shift paddle.
If your engine is equipped with a non-flat gear shift pad and a washer is installed between the gear shift pin and the gear shift pad, the pin shown here cannot be used. You still have the old gear type which needs another shift pin.

TIP: If the shift arm in the shifting catch always breaks off you should take a closer look at the shift pin. Mostly the small plate is bent and this one then clamps the switch arm with a turn and tears it off. A bent plate is usually caused by improper mounting of the main shaft. The main shaft was not pulled into the bearing, but hit in from the shift lever side.

NOTE: The shift bolts have a left-hand thread. To release the bolt, therefore, move it clockwise!

Vespa PX Gear Selector Rod made by BGM